New this week! 

'Dare to Ask' Book 

Available in paperback or digtal  

Do you feel like your dreams have died? 

Does time spent wrestling with life and all its big questions leave you exhausted? 

Have you forgotten what true rest really feels like?

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Through beautifully honest personal stories, as well as the lives of biblical characters, in Dare to Ask, Simcha Natan unravels some of the mystery behind how we can keep pushing for more of God, from a place of rest, whatever the season of life we are experiencing. Dare to ask tells the stories behind the songs which are being produced in a succession of 3 EP records. 'Dreaming' the first of the 3, is available now here

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Simcha also paints to reflect the messages of her books and songs, tying everything together into a multi sensory expression of who she is, a creative!

It is a great passion of hers to see people engage with God in the way they were created to best, and for many this isn't through the most obvious medium. She believes in meeting people where they're at, and opening up new pathways of communication between us and God. 

You can view her artwork here