Welcome to my site! 

I'm Simcha! I live in Northern Israel near Caesarea, where I am married and a mom to 3 kids!  

The 'Dare to Ask' project was a journey of recording a long season of being hidden, broken, passed over and feeling invisible. It is my story of songs written in the secret place when I was convinced no one would ever hear them except God. 

The jewel that I found in this place, is that the desert and dark seasons are a place of privilege. A place of promise and a place He only takes His chosen ones. The challenges, storms, desert seasons and pain all became something I learned to no longer despise, but to appreciate and even dare to ask for.


Everything you see on this website is fruit of those seasons. 

Secret songs which God has breathed on and released into the big wide world! Diary entries which He asked me to make public in the form of books, and private moment of painting to express myself being made available to you! 

Not everyone engages with God in the same way. Some need words on a page. Others need pictures. Others need sound. I am a person who engages with life creatively, which is why I use music, writing and art to portray what God has put in me. 

I would love for you to come along with me on this adventure of encountering God, breaking free from boxes, flipping thinking upside down and being continuously challenged and provoked to look at life differently and find God's perspective on all we come across. 

We might be surprised! 

New this week! 

Very excited to launch a brand new Product this week! 

'Dare to Ask' coaching call with Simcha

For me, it’s all about connecting with you.

I love people, I love hearing God’s heart for you, and I love talking with people and helping them gain fresh perspective on circumstances through conversation, prayer and listening.

Today this is something we can do from anywhere in the world, together. We can conquer new ground, together!

If this is something you’re interested in, feel free to contact me or purchase the service to arrange a convenient time.

I look forward to an hour of life transforming time together.

Simcha x

Included in the package: 

  • A pre-call questionnaire and discovery email 

  • An hours call at your convenience 

  • A follow up email including a summary and any prophetic words that may come out.

  • Ongoing email contact for an agreed period of time after our call. 

  • If God allows or speaks through our time, your own prophetic art piece would be included. (Obviously, this is not guaranteed!)

  • Significant discounts on all the books and CD’s.

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Dare to Dance

Available NOW! 

"Dare to Dance" Breakdancer - Watercolor Painting Print
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'Dare to Ask' Book 

Available in paperback or digtal  

Do you feel like your dreams have died? 

Does time spent wrestling with life and all its big questions leave you exhausted? 

Have you forgotten what true rest really feels like?

Book with spine.png

Through beautifully honest personal stories, as well as the lives of biblical characters, in Dare to Ask, Simcha Natan unravels some of the mystery behind how we can keep pushing for more of God, from a place of rest, whatever the season of life we are experiencing. Dare to ask tells the stories behind the songs which are being produced in a succession of 3 EP records. 'Dreaming' the first of the 3, is available now here

stones Framed .jpg

Simcha also paints to reflect the messages of her books and songs, tying everything together into a multi sensory expression of who she is, a creative!

It is a great passion of hers to see people engage with God in the way they were created to best, and for many this isn't through the most obvious medium. She believes in meeting people where they're at, and opening up new pathways of communication between us and God. 

You can view her artwork here