I'm Simcha!

I live in Northern Israel near Caesarea, where I am married to an amazing man, and a mom to 3 incredible, world changing kids!  

Welcome to the ‘About’ page - where you can get the low down on who I am, and some inside info on my crazy world!

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The Dare to Ask project was a journey of chronicling a long season of being hidden, broken, passed over and feeling invisible. It is my story of songs and thoughts written in the secret place when I was convinced no one would ever hear them except God. 

The jewel that I found in this place, is that

the desert and dark seasons are a place of privilege.

A place of promise and a place He only takes His chosen ones.

The challenges, storms, desert seasons and pain all became something I learned to no longer despise,

but to appreciate and even Dare to Ask for.

Everything you see on this website is fruit of that season!

God asked me to track the things I learned during these 15 years, to write it all down, and eventually He ‘cornered me’ into turning these musings into the book Dare to Ask. This book is like the umbrella to all that I’ve done since.


Dare to Ask - The book

Dreaming -  bundle

Dreaming - bundle


Since the book was published, God revealed to me a pattern of ‘daring to ask’, which begins with Dreaming, and learning how to dream once again, something so many of us have abandoned, and how God can be found in our dreams. This is represented by the first EP and devotional - Dreaming.

Awakened  - bundle

Awakened - bundle


Then we move onto a season of being Awakened, and start to step out into the dreams we’ve learned have come from God, and learning to stand tall on His promises. It’s about understanding more of who God is, and therefore who we are. This is stage is represented by the EP and devotional Awakened.

Soar  - bundle

Soar - bundle


Only when these stages have been completed can we then Soar! Learning to dare to fall and find his thermals in surprising ways that bring new perspective and understanding, Soar is all about learning to rise above and is the name of the third, and final EP and devotional - coming October 2019!


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Meet my amazing brother, founder of New Ground Coffee, a social enterprise that offer training and work opportunities for ex-offenders across the Thames Valley area UK. They have a very strong ethical and sustainable focus to provide a variety of exciting and DELISH coffees! They work with small-scale farmers who produce the best coffees around the world, and ensure that these farmers are paid fairly and their communities are positively impacted. I LOVE their coffee and would love for you to too!

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