As well writing and music, Simcha also paints as a way of connecting with God and expressing the messages the God has given her. Each painting is connected to either a chapter of the book 'Dare to Ask', a blog post, or a song on the 'Dreaming' CD or upcoming CD. 

Dare to fight

A simple stack of pebbles, painted in simple colours, with the words "Who knows what Giants we will slay" written into the pebble design. This is a personal painting designed to encourage you that God can use even the smallest of our pebbles in ways that we don't know! 

Dare to breathe

Sometimes we don't allow ourselves to breathe. We hold our breath through life and die a little inside. What if we dared to breathe again, and allowed God to breathe over us, His breath of life? Maybe there would be multiplication, fruitfulness and freedom. Dare to breathe! 

dare to move 

"Dare to Move" is all about pushing through even when the elements are against you. You never know how beautiful it will be...

Dare to delight

A watercolour painting of a sunrise over a lake with the early morning mist in the distance, with a simple jetty and a person enjoying the morning peace by dangling their feet in the water. 

dare to love

This watercolor painting shows off a couple enjoying a moment together in the rain 'Dare to Love' is about letting love be the thing that wins, in any season. Taking a moment to find the beauty of the moment! 

dare to fly

This butterfly invokes the feeling of movement and new life with its vibrant colors and spackled effect.  

This painting was inspired by the struggle that a butterfly goes through when It emerges from its cocoon, without which it will never be able to fly. 

dare to be seen

Inspired by the Robin, a rare and precious sight, in the harshest of conditions of winter, it is a challenge to allow yourself to be seen. Even in the winter seasons of life. Dare to be seen. 

dare to taste

This original design, hand painted, shows a humming bird inspired by the verse "Taste and See that the Lord is good", from the book of Psalms (34:8), in the Old Testament. This poster shows a variety of colour and skills in the hummning bird design, and features bright and luxurious colours. 

dare to cry

This painting was inspired by the notion of allowing ourselves to cry. These flowers are beautiful, with a vulnerability about them. Something we often try and stay away from. Dare to cry...

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