Dare to Ask

"Can I come with you? Do I dare to ask?Can I join with you?Do I let this moment pass?" 

One of my favourite stories is that of Rahab. Have you ever stopped to ask just how bold she was to ask the spies to let her join them? She was a prostitute, a gentile, very definitely classified as 'unclean', and moreover, she was a woman.

Yet she grabbed a moment that came her way, and did not let it go. She was tenacious, and courageous, and she fought for a change in her circumstances, in a way that you don't often see. She refused to accept that the spies coming to her residence was a coincidence, there was a reason, something was happening, and she didn't rest until she saw it through.

The thing I love most about her story, is that the exact symbol of her profession, the scarlet threads in the window, the advertisement of her trade,  became the exact symbol that allowed her to be rescued and freed. It was by these threads that the Israelites were able to identify Rahab's quarters and rescue her and her family according to their agreement.

What a beautiful picture of redemption!Rahab grabbed her moment, she had her eyes open to see that each opportunity that came her way could be the one to bring about change, a shift in direction, or in her case, a completely different life. She was able to find her freedom, and joined the lineage of Yeshua, along with several other unlikely women like her, who God chose to raise his sons ancestors.What would you dare to ask?