Just imagine...

I've been thinking a lot about our imaginations. 

Why have we been created to imagine things as they are not? Or to imagine entire new things up? 

I heard this quote from Steven Furtick recently, that really challenged me; "God created our imaginations to be a play ground, but the enemy has made them into a battle ground. The enemy will try and attack your destiny, and the first thing he'll do, is try and put a stronghold in your imagination." 

It got me thinking about how actually, as adults, we view our imagination almost as a dirty word. As something childish. As something that is immature, and not something to be indulged. 

This is probably because most of us have got some sort of a stronghold in our imaginations, and not only us, but our children. Whether that is a pornography addiction by the age of 12, or the fantasy gaming life that has gradually become more real to you than your actual life. Maybe it's all the beautiful things you'd like to do in your house, or the latest fitness guru's instragram feed, or the beautiful teens you wish you looked like, on snapchat. Whatever it is, most of us have areas of our imagination that probably don't need feeding. 

So I got thinking, why is it that the enemy is so concerned about our imagination? Why attack it so consistently? What is so significant about the ability to almost 'pretend' things to be different to how they are? 

God is a God of dreams, he loves us to imagine, create, he loves us to think outside of our little bubble, because that is where He is found. He isn’t locked into a linear time line, with all the rules and constructs that we have created. He is outside of that, and longs for us to join Him. 

He created us with an imagination that can perceive things differently to the reality we’re in. He made us with the ability to dream things, hope for things that are ‘other’. Things that are not founded on our daily life, our daily routine, but transcend that, and make us 3 dimensional.

We’re created to be able to think stories up, have imaginary friends, play in an alternate universe, all the things that kids do, and we encourage! But for some reason we squash this and put a lid on tight, when we hit adulthood. 

Our imagination is pure creativity. And that is the image of God. 

Everything we see, every breath we take, are all a creation ongoing, continuing. 

And our imagination, dreaming, allowing ourselves to see things other than how they are, is how we partner with Him. 

He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also He has put eternity in their hearts, except that no one can find out the work that God does from beginning to end.” Ecc 3:11

We are not designed to live life aiming for the end date of our physical death. We are designed to live eternally. He has put eternity in our hearts, and I believe that our dreams, our imaginings, our deep passions and yearnings come from a place that echoes with eternity. 

Isn't it time we took back our imaginations, and used them to Glorify God?