Own it.

Recently I've been thinking a lot about how we have to walk through lessons and seasons more than once.  It's a shame we don't learn all we need to learn the first time we encounter a lesson. Like children, it seems that we need constant reminders and experiences that help us re-learn the lessons He needs us to learn. 

We spend so much of our time fighting the season we’re in, or apologizing for our struggle, wallowing in self pity or depression, and going to great lengths to cheer ourselves up. 

What if we decided to embrace where we’re at, and to trust that God put us there for a reason, and if we really do trust Him, then we can find joy in any season. What if we stopped apologizing for the rough time we’re having, and started being honest with ourselves and those around us, and just said “I’m struggling, but God is good”. What if we stopped feeling ashamed for the difficulties we’re facing, like it’s an indication of how in control we are, or how ‘good’ a person we are, and held our heads high and decided that if God is asking me to face this, He has something good to do, because He is good. 

Own the season you’re in. Don’t let it get tainted by fake and unrealistic standards of normality. Everyone goes through seasons of hardship, struggles, depression, anger, disappointment and isolation. It’s how we respond to these seasons that determines how long they will last. If we live in denial, and put on the polite “I’m fine” mask, then this season will last longer, as God will have to break the mask down to get you to be real. If we own the season, and approach it with honesty, expectation and humility, it will pass by faster, and you will learn and receive more from God than you ever expected. 

Those desires and dreams in our hearts are often just on the other side of these seasons. But it is during this season that they feel most far away, and most impossible. That is half the test - to chose to believe that God is good. To chose to believe that it’s not an accident that you’re walking through this season, and that He has not given up on the potential in you, He’s trying to bring it out.