Pressing on

I hate cheesy New Years blog posts that try to convince you that the passing of a new day will somehow magically cause a reset in our lives, and that we get to start again come 00:01 on January 1st. 

So this won't be one. 

We don't get to hit reset. We have to live with all that went down in the previous year, and although we may have renewed hope that the next year will be better, there is no guarantee of this, and we don't always know how to make that happen. 

For many, the year that has passed has been difficult, challenging, gut wrenching, soul destroying and lonely. For others, it was been the opposite, finding fresh release, new life and excitement in life. It doesn't actually matter, because in either case, we all have to get up in the morning and do each day. We are all in the same boat in the mornings. We can choose how we engage with the day. Are we going to allow the circumstances to dictate how we feel and how we engage? Or are we going to choose joy? Maybe we need to 'dare to delight'! (You can read my blogpost on this here)

I do believe that God is prompting people to press in further, to listen harder, to worship with reckless abandon. We cannot drift, coasting along in life, assuming that everything we have done up until now must be the fullness of what God has for us. The scriptures tell us in Proverbs 29:18 that "without vision, the people perish". I believe that it is time for us to wrestle God for the vision He has for us. We are not created to aimlessly float through life without drive, without passion and without something to work towards, whether in secret or public. We are created to have hopes, dreams and things we long for. Yes, there is a tension of knowing when it is the right time to push these things through, but they should be there never the less. 

I keep meeting people who tell me they have no dreams. They have no vision, and they have no passions. To these people I say - PRESS IN! PUSH THROUGH! There is more! We're never done, not even when we're dead! He always has more! He always has abundance! We are made to partner with HIM, He isn't short on ideas on how to put our amazing gifts and abilities to use, with His hands. Sometimes I wonder if God isn't waiting for us to say to Him "Father - I really, really really want to do this!"! Maybe he's waiting for us to have passion about something, anything! You see, he made us with opinions, with thoughts, feelings and awareness of who we are. With that *should* come desires, ideas, and something that propels us forward through each day. 

While I don't like the concept of New Year, I do think it is a good opportunity to make adjustments, to really look in the mirror and make some new commitments. Maybe we need to commit to searching His heart, to hearing His voice that sings over us. Maybe we need to wrestle harder for seeing His ideas and dreams over us. Pressing in is tough. It isn't something we can do while sitting on the sofa with our feet up. It requires a level of physical fitness, determination and perseverance when it feels like we're failing. 

But isn't this what life is all about? 

Situations, circumstances and life, which tests us. How do we make it through? How much determination do we have to get through, and to persevere, and to come through triumphant? 

I find myself very determined to press in, determined to hear His heart, determined to dig deeper, to push my limits and to discover new life and fresh breakthrough. 

Who wants to join me? 


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