Overcome Me

Give me more of you,

Give me all of you.

I give all of me

Overcome me.

Being overcome by something doesn't usually have positive connotations. It implies succumbing to something, giving in to something that is too strong for us to withstand. It's not something that comes with choice, it's something that overpowers us and that goes against our will. 

This is a picture painted with the colour of fear, and doesn't appeal to even the strongest of us.

What if that is exactly what needs to happen? 

Isaiah 55:8-9 says that His ways are above our ways, His thoughts are above our thoughts. If this is true, then we are not always going to understand what God does in our lives and in those around us. That means that it may go against our will. It may take us into circumstances that we may not choose.

We have a choice. We can fight it, or we can succumb. 

When we fight it, it does us no favours, because the very thing we're fighting will end up lasting longer until we learn the lesson he wants us to learn through the very circumstance we're fighting! (Read my blog post 'Dare to fight' here)

When we succumb, we are acting on trust. We are choosing to not choose. We are succumbing to something outside of us which we've decided can be trusted. It's knowing that the strength of the one who is outside of us, is covering our weakness and giving us his strength. 

Choosing to be overcome by him is the only place that we are truly free from fear. The rules when it comes to God are usually the opposite of what we feel in the world. Having less of my will and less of my choice is the safest place to be. Succumbing to his strength doesn't mean I disappear and become invisible. It means that the truest version of me starts to emerge, and the things that I cannot bring forth in my own strength start to become possible. 

Once we start to train our eyes to see things from our limited version of his view, we see that what we should be asking for is to be consumed by him in our every thought, word, step and breath. We are trained by the world to think very highly of ourselves, and to never let anyone quieten our voice, and we all fight for centre stage because that's where we'll be seen and heard best. But what if this is a cheap, plastic version of the real thing? When I am consumed by him, I want less spotlight, less place to speak, less of me, because I am nothing compared to him. If he chooses to partner with me as a mouthpiece to share his voice through, then I should be sure that it is HIM speaking through me, because me in my strength isn't a good representation of him.

Actually, me disappearing into him and losing my voice in his is where true freedom is found. 

It results in our identity being rooted in the right place, Our steps directed in the right way, fear being cast out, security being found in the right place, and he shines through and is seen through me. And isn't that the point? 

So is it really so bad if we are overcome by something? To succumb to something, to give in to something that is too strong for us to withstand? Is it so bad that it's something that overpowers us?

I've found that those have become my prayers. 

Give me more of you

Give me all of you

I give all of me

Overcome me. 

Consume my every thought, my every word, my every step, my every breath.