Dare to Ask 

Dare to Ask is a striking book weaving together stories from the Bible and the writers own experiences, all based on the notion of finding rest while still being willing to wrestle with God for more.  

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Dreaming with God

This 30 day devotional accompanies the EP 'Dreaming', and is intended to take you on a journey of dreaming with God. 

For many of us dreaming has died, and we have succumbed to a monotonous way of doing daily life which God wants to breathe new life into!  

The devotional takes you on a real and deep journey of rediscovery of who God made you to be, the things He buried in your heart, and His promises to you. The prayer is that you will have a perspective shift on why you have dreams, and you will embrace what you're walking through in life as part of the story of those dreams.  


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