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Awakened is the second of three Devotionals that make up the Dare to Ask project. In the adventure of ‘Daring to Ask’, first we must learn to ‘Dream with God’ (Dreaming) once again. After that comes a season of being Awakened.

Awakened is all about the process of waking up spiritually to who God is, who He made us to be, and how He wants to partner uniquely with us. Each day explores different aspects of this process and is all about waking up, picking ourselves up, dusting ourselves off and stepping out into the fullness of what God has for us, with fresh passion and zeal.

This 30-day devotional is accompanied by the second in the series of EP’s, with the CD Awakened’


Dare to Ask 

Dare to Ask is a striking book weaving together stories from the Bible and the writers own experiences, all based on the notion of finding rest while still being willing to wrestle with God for more.  

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I ‘nibble’ on the richness of your book every morning

Daily God prepares a MEAL for me from a small nibble

I take a small portion, because I want to savor each element

Beautifully written, and POWERFUL
— Sharona - Israel

Dreaming with God

This 30 day devotional accompanies the EP 'Dreaming', and is intended to take you on a journey of dreaming with God. 

For many of us dreaming has died, and we have succumbed to a monotonous way of doing daily life which God wants to breathe new life into!  We cannot ‘Dare to Ask’ for things we have never dreamt of or allowed ourselves to hope for!

The devotional takes you on a real and deep journey of rediscovery of who God made you to be, the things He buried in your heart, and His promises to you. The prayer is that you will have a perspective shift on why you have dreams, and you will embrace what you're walking through in life as part of the story of those dreams.  


...this slim volume seeks to help the believer realise that our dreams have been put there on purpose by God and that they aren’t supposed to be suppressed or ignored. The dreams Natan refers to here are life goals as opposed to the ones that occur when we’re asleep and, as a result, this book is full of handy thoughts and tips on how to make the most of life through what God has placed on our hearts - mainly through taking time away from the hustle and bustle of life to be with the Lord.... Natan’s writing style is friendly and accessible and this, along with the spiritual depth and practical advice contained within its 71 pages, makes this book a useful tool for anyone seeking a closer walk with God.