The Dare to Ask adventure


For a long time I was hidden.

Passed over, forgotten and invisible. I spent many years fighting with God to allow me out of the shadows and to let me step into the sunlight, even if just for a second, but he never did.


So I had to learn to love the hidden place.


In this place I wrote and I wrote, songs flowed from the depths of me, private songs that were my cry responding to his call.

I started to hear his voice and to see how he was teaching me secrets through these songs, secrets I started to chronicle, and which turned into the Dare to Ask book.

Once the book was released God gave me a 3 part pattern which is there to lead you through the lessons I learned in 15 years, through a 3 part devotional and CD journey.

These devotionals are the fruit and lessons behind the songs I wrote once I stopped fighting the very place God had led me, and started learning what he wanted me to learn all along.

I hope you learn to love the hidden place as much as I did!


Dare to Ask

The book where it all started…

Those hours alone, writing songs and knowing that God was whispering things to me through these new sounds that were coming from my depths. I started a private blog, to process my private thoughts, and never EVER thought I would share them with anybody.

But in November 2016, by the shores of the Galilee, while on a retreat with my closest friend, God cornered me and asked me to complete the writing and collate it into a book. And so, the stories of the songs were released to the world before the songs themselves!

Book with spine.png

This book will take you to unexpected places, it will encourage you to wrestle for more, while remaining at rest.
It will bring hope and life in a place of desperation and death.
It will flip perspectives and change mindsets,
It will cause you to ask for things you’d never imagine you’d ask for…


Part 1



The Dare to Ask adventure must always begin with Dreaming. We cannot ask for what we’ve never dreamed of!

Many of us carry dreams in our hearts that have never been realised, some of us have forgotten how to dream, and some of us have given up completely and gotten on with ‘adulting’.

Maybe it’s time to revisit or rekindle our dreams and allow God to make all things new…

This 30-day devotional guide is all about learning to dream with God again, to allow him to breathe on us and to see that there is always purpose in passion when we partner with him!


Part 2


What happens when we have begun Dreaming with God once again?

We must be Awakened! We need to have a fresh understanding of who he is, and therefore who we are, and therefore what our calling is! Awakened is all about waking up and stepping out into all that God has made us be, with passion, authority and vigour!

This 30-day devotional guide will enable you to make steps forwards into the things you’ve allowed God to breathe on. It will facilitate of process of letting go, surrender and finding joy in unexpected places!


Part 3



When we have started Dreaming again, and been Awakened to who he is and who we are, we must learn to Soar!

Soar is all about rising above, finding new heights and consistency in new perspectives. It’s about finding the secrets of the hidden place, and learning to Dare to Ask for the very things the world would tell us to run away from, and to dare to flourish in places the world would tell us we should die!

This 30-day devotional will leave you challenged, inspired and will lead you right back into Dreaming with God some more, finding yourself more Awakened and mounting up to Soar to greater heights!


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