Simcha lives in Northern Israel in a small town near Caesarea, with her husband and 3 children. As well as writing, Simcha is a musician and songwriter, with her first in the series of 3 CD and devotional sets from the Dare To Ask project 'Dreaming' out now on all platforms, and available here, along with it's counterpart 30-day devotional book. 

The second CD and devotional "Awakened" is available for digital download here, NOW!

Simcha also produces all her own artwork, tying pieces of art to each song and it's relevant chapter in the Dare to Ask book and blog posts. Alongside of all this, she works for Ascend Carmel Worship and Intercession programs where she is the Co-ordinator, teaches and is part of the leadership team. 

Simcha is a trained teacher and is passionate about people engaging with life and God in the way they were created to best engage. She loves people deeply and loves to see peoples perspectives on life and circumstances flipped on their head through some of the things she’s learned. As a creative she has worked hard to make sure that the life message that God has given her is engaging in both text, audio, visual and musical mediums. 

Simcha is committed to seeing perspective shifts in this and the next generation, that we would understand that we can wrestle for more, and remain at rest. 


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God has made it very clear to me that I am to be faithful to the task set before me without looking for employment at the same time. Believe me - I tried!

I feel strongly that I shouldn’t spend my time asking for funds, - God knows what I need and when, but I also want to make it clear that funds are always needed and GRATEFULLY received!

Areas which need financial help are:

  • Music Production

  • Music video production

  • printing of CDs and Books

  • travel

  • Support for our family

    Currently 100% whatever comes in from sales is sown back into paying for the ongoing costs of the project. Our family has not gained at all from this endeavour! My deepest desire is that what God has me do can help support my family.

I am especially grateful for monthly support.

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Simcha loves to connect with people all over the world, and  would love to hear from you! 

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Simcha Natan surprised me with the release of her latest album, Dreaming, the high quality of her songs and the musical arrangements. Worship at its best. Her music leads you into the presence of God, is never distracting and comes with a perfect blend of both harmony and style.

I had never heard of Simcha before, so I was eager to visit her website and was touched by this versatile artist who not only produces heavenly music but also makes beautiful paintings.

Her music is, as her paintings, a cry for beauty and peace in a world that is torn apart by strife and worldliness. This world knows enough destruction, so let’s show them a little bit of heaven. Simcha succeeds in this mission.

I understand her music is the first of three extended-play compilations in a project consisting of a book, music, devotionals and watercolour artwork that explore a common theme; “being willing to wrestle with God for more from a position of rest.”

What more could we want? Simcha gives us the whole deal in Dreaming.
I ‘nibble’ on the richness of your book every morning

Daily God prepares a MEAL for me from a small nibble

I take a small portion, because I want to savor each element

Beautifully written, and POWERFUL
— Sharona - Israel
What you are about to read is like a good movie with various characters, vantage points and visceral moments that are all connected by a common theme - one of great risk and great reward. I think there is something in all of us that wants to believe for great things. Dare to Ask, explores that belief by reintroducing a cast of biblical characters whose experiences and decisions clearly correlate with life’s challenges and circumstances today.

Like a master archeologist, Simcha skillfully brushes away the dust and debris that has covered over dormant dreams so that divine destiny can be rediscovered once again - not just the destination, but the process. The revelation in the title chapter alone is well worth the price of admission, but the waves of wisdom, insight, honesty and personal application continue to roll until the very last page.

Dare to Ask challenges the resigned mindset that we are merely silent spectators in this life and beautifully reminds us that dreams are possible, miracles are real and hope is attainable if you just dare to ask.

Steve Carpenter

Founder, Highway 19 Ministries - Jerusalem
Your CD is amazing! I love it so much, not the ordinary worship album! ‘Magical’ vibes, so fresh and light - great job with this! I love it!
— Lev Ashin - Israel
‘Dare To Ask’ has a beautiful tapestry of practicality and spirituality woven throughout the pages. It challenges readers to dream our God-given dreams, use our God-given gifts, and remove clutter from our hearts so that we can experience the fullness of what God has for us. Through her testimony and scriptural insights, Simcha demonstrates how to be grateful in all things - including trials and desert places. If you need encouragement, restoration, or a fresh stirring of hope in your heart, you will find it here! Prepare to go deeper...

Michael & Sara Thorsby - Burn 24-7 New Bern, NC Directors (USA)
To the reader of Dare to Ask, I would say that when you reach the end of the book, you will conclude that this has been a kairos moment. It is a serendipity, a surprise discovery. Instead of it focusing on aspects of worship from a gifted worship leader, you will be taken on a moving personal journey that deepens your love for the Messiah. It leaves a lot of questions unanswered, but in its place you are left with the deep assurance that the Lord is in control . We are simply left to keep on asking and keep on trusting. This is a beautiful devotional book written from the heart.

Dr David Elms

ICEJ UK Director
As I returned home this evening, there was a package awaiting me from Amazon. With great excitement it was your book. I had not planned on beginning reading it this evening. I had planned to just read the forward & preface. Well... lady that’s all it took. I was captivated and couldn’t stop reading. However, almost didn’t get through the first chapter, I was crying so hard I had to continually stop to wipe the tears just to see the pages.You wrote my heart on those pages as though you had somehow taken a glimpse into my soul. As if the first chapter wasn’t humbling and powerful enough; then came the second & third. All I can say is THANK YOU FOR WRITING THIS BOOK. IT IS GOING TO TOUCH SO MANY LIVES. If you never receive many praises or comments on your writing. I want you to know that the Holy Spirit has spoken so many revelations to me that I’ve been waiting and yearning to hear for so long. May The LORD Bless You and ALL that you do for HIS Glory.
— Dana - USA