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Each course includes:

  • an e-version of the related book or devotional

  • weekly live led 'classes’ with Simcha

  • ongoing email support

  • 1-1 call with Simcha at some point through the course

  • weekly notes, challenges and assignments

  • Ongoing communication through private group chat throughout.

Dare to Ask 6-week course

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There is always more if we Dare to Ask.

This 6-week course is created to take you to unexpected places, it will encourage you to wrestle for more, while remaining at rest.

It has been designed for those who appreciate a small, closed community to discuss, talk and pray through the process of stepping into new ground.

Dreaming 4-week course

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The first stage in the process of ‘Daring to Ask’ is Dreaming.

So many of us have shut down the ability to dream, we’ve forgotten what we used to dream of, and we haven’t noticed the connection between our passions, our dreams and our calling.

This 4-week course is designed for you to walk through the process of rediscovery of your God-given dreams and passions, exploring out how they connect with your calling.

Awakened 4-week course

The second stage in the process of ‘Daring to Ask’ is being Awakened.

Once we have started dreaming with God again, we must go through a process of fresh understanding of who God is, and therefore who we are, and from there, what our calling is.

This course is all about waking up, stepping out into new ground and understanding the authority that God has given us.

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