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There is always more…

Dare to Ask is all about gaining a different perspective on our circumstances, about learning to remain at rest while we wrestle for more. It’s about not only accepting the places we’re in, but even arriving to a place where we would Dare to Ask for them, even in a culture that would have us run away from them.

This 6-week course is created for those who appreciate a small, closed community to discuss, talk and pray through the process of stepping into new ground. Sometimes all we need is the space to talk it through, be real, honest and vulnerable to be able to step forward and stand straight. This course is designed to give exactly that to you.

Making this a live discussion on a weekly basis means there is space for each person to figure out how to apply the challenges to their lives both practically and spiritually in a safe and closed community, tailored to them.

The Dare to Ask course is a 6-week course package that includes:

  • an e-version of the book

  • weekly live led 'classes’

  • ongoing email support

  • a 1-1 call with Simcha during the course

  • weekly notes, challenges and assignments

  • private group chat for encouragement and community throughout