Dare to Ask

'Dare To Ask' has a beautiful tapestry of practicality and spirituality woven throughout the pages. It challenges readers to dream our God-given dreams, use our God-given gifts, and remove clutter from our hearts so that we can experience the fullness of what God has for us. Through her testimony and scriptural insights, Simcha demonstrates how to be grateful in all things - including trials and desert places. If you need encouragement, restoration, or a fresh stirring of hope in your heart, you will find it here! Prepare to go deeper...

Michael & Sara Thorsby - Burn 24-7 New Bern, NC Directors (USA)


Dare to Ask - eBook
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Simcha lives in Northern Israel in a small town near Caesarea, with her husband and 3 children. As well as writing, Simcha is a musician and songwriter, with her first EP from the Dare To Ask project coming in 2018. Simcha also produces all her own art, tying pieces of art to each song and it's relevant chapter in the Dare to Ask book. Alongside of all this, she works for Ascend Carmel Worship and Intercession programs where she is part of the leadership team. 

Simcha is a trained teacher and is passionate about people engaging with life in the way they were created to best engage. She has worked hard to make sure that the life message that God has given her is engaging in both text, audio, visual and musical mediums. 

Simcha is committed to seeing perspective shifts in this and the next generation, that we would understand that we can wrestle for more, and remain at rest.