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The Desert Cry

Desert is a dry, difficult place to be, with little or no physical refreshment to the body. Hot sun, dry heat, no water, and dangerous conditions, it's not a place to get lost! But for some reason God wants to 'allure' us there.


Won't you break me?

Won't you break me?

The woman with the alabaster jar has to be one of the most well known and loved stories in the Bible. It talks of a woman scorned, who should have been turned away and rejected, in the culture of the day, she was known to be unclean, she was thought to be embarrassing herself, and was a woman.  All reasons for her to be forgotten. But she isn't forgotten, she is remembered, and Yeshua said himself that she would be remembered through the generations. For me, this is a beautiful thing which can't be ignored. Yes, she was embraced and accepted by Yeshua, but more than that - she was remembered. Appreciated. Her act was commemorated. Why?