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One of the things I love most about what I do is that I get to work with so many different people, projects and subjects. I love to be invited to write for other people’s publications, but most of all, I love inviting people to write with me!

I love being able to create a platform and space to introduce people who follow this project, to other like minded people and blogs. There are some incredible people out there with amazing insights and things to say - and I love making heart to heart connections with these people. Thank God for the positive side to social media that allows for us to do this globally!

I’d like to introduce you to some of extraordinary people who I’ve been privileged to link arms with.


Meet Megan Dammeyer from Wholehearted Faith. After an season of insane , family, work, business, ministry, sickness and general burnout…. “ I decided to completely stop EVERYTHING and devoted my life to sharing God’s goodness, and lead other women to seek Him wholeheartedly and be rooted in His Word. I set out to use my gifts and talents to create bible study resources and write bible studies for women. I now believe I am living out my purpose that God has for me and am so thankful to have the opportunity to connect with so many women on a daily basis.
Visit her beautiful website, and give her instagram a follow! Download her amazing study on identity - here!




Meet Michelle Johnson! She was born a Buckeye, and loves Jesus, and writing has been a passion of hers since she started kindergarten in 1999!

She’s married to am amazing man of God and lives in Hilliard, Ohio. She works for a Design Firm called exp, and she like Starbucks just a little too much! When she’s not at work, you can find her hanging out with her besties at locally owned coffee shops.

Michelle has a great blog, which you can find here, and wrote an incredible journalling challenge for us which you can get here. You can also follow her on instagram!


Meet Cara. She’s 21, and was born and raised in Georgia, USA. She’s newly wed to an amazing man of God, who she loves to do life and ministry with! She’s passionate about worship, writing, teaching teens about the Bible, and encouraging others while we walk through this adventure with God together. She wrote an incredible devotional guide, which you can get here.

Cara is also a business owner with a booming bakery business in the Columbus area of Georgia - look up ‘The Ginger Macaron’ and get your order in!

Feel free to follow her on Instagram, and get in touch, she’d love to hear from you!


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How do you keep up? Brave Daily exists to keep you updated on what’s hitting the shelves – and what should be on your shelves. We survey Christian books and media, reflecting on life as a believer. Enjoy book reviews, blogs, articles, podcasts interviews, special deals, free books, and more by following along here or on social media.

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Community of Christian Creatives is a community for all creatives and makers who love God and seek to share Him through their talents and gifts.  The community first began using Instagram as a platform to lift up and encourage other creatives and makers, and will continue to.  The Community of Christian Creatives Magazine is designed with the vision of presenting Christian creatives/makers' work all around the world to bless others and help people find just the creative piece they've been looking for and spread the Kingdom of God.

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Authentic is a London based, global women's magazine. Currently producing two publications per year in June and December. Their roots are founded on the Christian Faith. The AUTHENTIC woman is a socially conscious woman who is empowered and recognises that her vulnerability is not a weakness but her strength. They interact with their readers and build relationships to enrich one another, for we are one.

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