Pressing on Through Hospitality

Abby and Lindsay met briefly in 2011 when they worked on the same staf at The University of Missouri. But it was not until several years later when they reunited in Dallas, Texas for what would quickly turn into a deeply rooted friendship – one that involved frequent 3 hour dinners over a cold margarita, bean dip, and a shared chicken quesadilla. Fast forward through weddings, babies, and a move for Abby, the two remain best friends despite the distance. Home & Away is more than home or travel hospitality. For us, it’s all about living our lives with a heart of love and service for others. We are passionate about providing practical tips for hosting, how to cultivate a welcoming environment, travel suggestions, healthy recipes and more.


Many thanks to Abby and Lindsay for providing this guide for hosting together! I hope you find it useful, encouraging and inspiring!! Please do give the a follow and make sure to thank them for their hard word and kind contribution!