The Dreaming EP encourages the listener to draw near to Him, to find Rest, to allow God to overcome them and to invite the breath of God into their lives. The music has been described as ‘‘meditative’, ‘intimate’, ‘soaking’, ‘uplifting’, ‘alternative indie’ and ‘chilled’. Each song takes inspiration from biblical characters, stories, or passages written about in the book, and is accompanied by a 30-day devotional, Dreaming with God which leads the listener on a journey of dreaming with God again, the first stage on the ‘Dare to Ask’ journey.

My desire is that this project inspires us to trust in God’s kindness, that as we lay down our lives and delight ourselves in him, he will shape our dreams to match the desires that he has for us.



Awakened is all about the process of waking up spiritually to who God is, who He made us to be following our re-discovery of ‘Dreaming’ with God. It’s about learning how He wants to partner uniquely with us, how we need to be ‘Awakened’ to get up and step out. Each song explores different aspects of this process, and is accompanied by a 30-day Devotional; Awakened, as well as artwork for the songs.

This project is all about waking up, picking ourselves up, dusting ourselves off and stepping out into the fullness of what God has for us, with fresh passion and zeal.



Dreaming CD
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30 Day devotional - Dreaming with God.
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Simcha Natan surprised me with the release of her latest album, Dreaming, the high quality of her songs and the musical arrangements. Worship at its best. Her music leads you into the presence of God, is never distracting and comes with a perfect blend of both harmony and style.

I had never heard of Simcha before, so I was eager to visit her website and was touched by this versatile artist who not only produces heavenly music but also makes beautiful paintings.

Her music is, as her paintings, a cry for beauty and peace in a world that is torn apart by strife and worldliness. This world knows enough destruction, so let’s show them a little bit of heaven. Simcha succeeds in this mission.

I understand her music is the first of three extended-play compilations in a project consisting of a book, music, devotionals and watercolour artwork that explore a common theme; “being willing to wrestle with God for more from a position of rest.”

What more could we want? Simcha gives us the whole deal in Dreaming.


Dreaming EP - DIGITAL
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