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There is always more…

Dare to Ask is all about finding a new perspective on your circumstances, and learning to wrestle for more from God from a place of rest. It teaches us to not only accept those things we often want to run away from, but to even Dare to Ask for them

The Dare to Ask course is deigned to create an environment that is personal, challenging but safe and closed. With a maximum of 6 places on the course, Simcha leads a guided weekly live discussion as a group, through various themes and topics from the book, making them personal to you and facilitating application in your own life.

The course includes:

  • an e-version of the book

  • a weekly hour ‘class’ which is on a live, group platform

  • weekly notes, assignments and challenges

  • email availability throughout the course

  • a 1-1 call with each participant at some point through the program.

The course is 6 weeks long and has 6 available places.