Dreaming with God Devotional - DIGITAL


Dreaming with God Devotional - DIGITAL


Have you buried and hidden your
dreams and visions? 

Is it time to unpack them in the safety of a God who sees the desires of your heart? 

Are you ready to learn what it is to have God delight in you? 

Are you willing to walk through the process that God has for you to ready you for his plans? 

No matter the cost? 

Dreaming with God is the first in the series of 3 EP’s and devotionals from Simcha Natan.

Her book Dare to Ask told the stories of the songs, now the first of these records is available with it’s devotional counterpart. 

Dreaming with God is a journey we should all go on, learning that our dreams have been put there on purpose, and aren’t supposed to be suppressed or ignored. 

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